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Engineering the Path to Innovation and Excellence

Callynder Services Limited

As an indigenous contractor, primarily serving the Oil and Gas industry, we are committed to providing products and services that are trusted, with high precision and value.

The quality policy is an integral part of our business strategy and serves as a guide to ensure the safe and efficient performance of work activities meeting these specific requirements. The ability to fulfill the Quality Policy lies with CSL employees. Each individual is expected to endorse its requirement, uphold its intent, and seek opportunities and methods for product or process improvement. All levels of management are responsible for fostering an environment that promotes quality and facilitates the continuous improvement process. They shall provide leadership, training, and resources necessary to attain the specified quality-related objectives.

CSL has established a Quality assurance system to ensure adherence to the Quality Policy and Objectives as well as Regulatory/Statutory and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Our quality Assurance is to ensure that the quality control program are appropriately planned and addressed to fulfill conformance of all the project construction specification and drawings in which all requirements of Engineering Design specifications are incorporated.

The Quality Assurance requirements shall provide:

  • Systematic planning for quality activities in all phase of the project
  • Proper organization and staffing of the quality assurance activities
  • Documentation to meet regulatory and project QA requirements
  • Internal quality and audit program

Engineering The Path
To Innovation and Excellence